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Angella Fraser MSc, BA, CPS

Angella Fraser is currently an Entrepreneur and Freelance Project Manager.  Over 18 years ago, she became certified as a Professional Secretary.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the Nova Southeastern University, Florida.  An experienced professional with over 30 years experience in business administration, customer service and management.  She has worked in both public and private sectors across several industries including publishing, marketing, hospitality, heritage, food and medical.

Angella has a passion for proofreading and editing. Equipped with excellent analytical and critical thinking skills coupled with a superior command of the English Language enables her to construct written communication of all types with clarity and precision for individuals, businesses and institutions achieving the purpose of communication, enhancement of business image and drastically reducing the risks and consequences of miscommunication. Her greatest desire is to share this passion with the global marketplace by offering a unique service where individuals, businesses and institutions can access electronically/online proofreading/editing, word processing and formatting services at reasonable and affordable costs, meeting timelines without the added overheads of office space and associated manpower costs.

She is delighted to have the pleasure of serving you and  that you visited http://www.guided-writing.com/old to learn more about this service.